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The Tint Shop offers a full array of innovative solar, security, specialty, and decorative film solutions for better life at home. Our solar films are a modern, view-preserving alternative to window treatments. They improve the performance of glass by tempering the effects of the sun: helping to block UV rays and the sun’s heat, and creating a better environment for electronic screen use.

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The Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer

recommends window film that blocks 99 percent or more of UVA/UVB radiation as effective sun protection. Only SunTek films with 99% or greater UV Protection (300-380nm) have earned the SCF Seal Recommendation. Our residential window tint line is recommended

Available with and without solar benefits, residential window tint, our security films help discourage break-ins and reduce accidents by helping to hold broken glass fragments in place. Anti-graffiti film serves as a protective barrier on building surfaces, making post-vandalism cleanup a breeze with easy film removal. Specialty films are suitable for privacy or decorative needs, with choices to fully or partially disguise views. Many of these products feature Designer Series Adhesive technology for installation ease and optical clarity, along with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.*

Sun Control

SunTek residential solar films set homeowners free to enjoy the uplifting effects of natural sunlight, without all the undesirable heat, glare and harmful UV rays that typically come with it. We offer a variety of film configurations engineered with sputtered, hybrid and all-metal technologies. This provides options for solar protection level and ensures there is a look to fit every home’s architecture and every homeowner’s preference. Because professional installation and lasting durability are also critical for ideal results, we engineer products for both exterior and interior application, using corrosion-resistant configurations that don’t require edge sealing when possible. All our solar film lines are backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty* as well. We value your trust and confidence.
  • Barely Visible Solar
  • SunTek’s premier product line offers advanced IR-reducing technology with styles available for internal and external installation. The films look elegant from both sides and feature corrosive-resistant construction.
  • Crisp & Cool Solar
  • Reflective outside with a crisp, cool interior hue, this series of window films helps protect against sun damage, uncomfortable hot spots and annoying screen glare. Minimal dry time also provides almost immediate clarity.
  • Warm & Neutral Solar
  • Like SymphonyDS, this film series offers excellent solar protection, and is reflective outside with a neutral inside look. What’s different is the warmer tone it gives to light, which is preferred by some homeowners
  • Bronze or Neutral Solar
  • This solar series is made with sputtered film technology, offering solar benefits and a selection of bronze and neutral tones and is available for both interior or exterior installation.
  • Mirrored Solar
  • Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this film mirrored on 2 sides, corrosion-resistant, and a powerful reflector of heat, glare and UV rays. Styles for both interior or exterior installation are available.



is designed to enhance your home. These films add safeguards for security, both helping to protect what’s precious and to prevent harm. These technologically advanced, micro-thin films provide major peace of mind by adding a surprisingly thin-yet-tough layer to glass surfaces.

Most SunTek security film styles combine solar and safety benefits to deliver varying levels of indoor privacy, with safety and security properties and solar protection. We also offer an anti-graffiti film to help combat vandalism that can deter from a welcoming home exterior. The performance of all our security films is backed by a manufacturer’s limited warranty. * We appreciate how important it is to feel safe at home, without creating the appearance of a fortress. Our complete range of security films includes clear, neutral, dual-reflective and reflective styles to naturally blend with any style, architecture or exterior finish.
  • Disappearing Safety + Security
  • Nearly invisible, optically clear films that help protect against fading from the sun while offering safety and security benefits for a variety of hazard

This corrosion-resistant film offers advanced IR-reducing technology, is our premier security product and helps keep views to the outside in their natural form. It combines our top solar technology and safety/security properties that help protect against damage caused by natural disasters, terrorism, industrial accidents and theft.

  • Dual-Reflective Solar + Safety
  • This series offers a crisp, cool hue from the outside along with low interior reflectivity. Other benefits include added security, excellent solar performance and almost immediate clarity due to minimum dry time requirements.
  • Mirrored Solar + Safety
  • Vapor-coated aluminum construction makes this window film series reflective on both sides for a mirrored look. The series offers our highest level of solar heat rejection along with shatter resistance, daytime privacy, UV protection and glare reduction.
  • Peel-Away Protection
  • A virtually invisible layer of protection that’s scratch-resistant and reduces the need for expensive cleanup or glass replacement. Features a unique adhesive for easy peel-away without leaving residue behind.

Specialty Films

Specialty Films

Decorative Film
White Matte, Black Out, White Out,

Crystal and Low-ReflectiveDS™ Products

SunTek specialty films range from subtle to dramatic, and can be used on smooth glass surfaces glass to decoratively enhance privacy